Are back taxes owed on Barthelmas Park Expansion?

CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville City plans to buy land to expand Barthelmas Park by 20 acres. We looked at the purchase contract and noticed that it doesn’t list a property description or a timeline, 2 required attributes of all real estate purchase contracts. We were able to pull the parcel number from a grant agreement between the City and the Pickaway Parks District. Parcel A0100010028100 is 114.7 acres located just south of Barthelmas Park.

On the Pickaway County Auditor’s Site, it is listed as 110.7 acres tillable, 1 acre right of way, 2 acres homesite, and 1 acre primary site. The 20 acres being sold to the city is currently being leased by AEP/Ohio Power, according to the purchase contract. That land has not been used for farming; therefore, should not be listed as tillable land. Farming land is taxed at a lesser amount, and when land is converted from farming to other use, the land owner is required to pay CAUV recapture taxes. The purchase contract declares that the seller will pay any owed taxes, but the buyer will pay the CAUV recapture taxes. If the land were properly reclassified and back taxes were due for the misclassification, who would pay, the sellers or the City?

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We sent an email to the County Auditor asking if the property was classified incorrectly, for how long, and if the past taxes need to be adjusted. We’ll update you with the response when we get it.

  • Does the city know how much CAUV taxes it will pay?
  • Is the city aware the property has been mis-classified, likely for the length of the AEP contract?
  • Will it have to repay CAUV for the length of the AEP lease?
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