Restaurant Inspections

Circleville and Pickaway Restaurant Inspections

The following Circleville and Pickaway restaurant establishments were recently inspected by the Pickaway County General Health District. See the details below on the summary of violations. View all inspection details at the Pickaway County General Health District website.

Summary of inspection violations of Circleville and Pickaway restaurant establishments

  • July 3
    • Sonic SRI #5867 – 1 critical; 6 non-critical
    • We-Be-Wings, LLC, dba Rooster’s – 3 critical; 2 non-crtical
  • July 5
    • EG Transpire – Circleville – Market C – 0 critical; 0 non-critical

Sonic SRI #5867
1400 S. Court St., Circleville
July 3 – 1 critical; 6 non-critical

Standard/Complaint/Critical Control Point Inspection

  • Critical: 3717-1-04.5(A)(1) / Cleanliness of equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils.
    • Critical Corrected During Inspection Observed that the mop sink inside the facility had a build up of grease around it. Per the manager this is likely from greasy equipment sitting on the sink before it is cleaned at the end of the day. MAINTAIN THE FOOD PREP SINK CLEAN SO THAT DIRTY GREASE INSIDE THE SINK DOES NOT CONTAMINATE FOODS DURING PREP. The manager had a staff member clean the sink during the inspection.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-06.2(E) / Hand-washing signage.
    • Observed that the men’s restroom did not have a hand washing sign. All hand washing sinks shall be properly denoted to prevent their misuse.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-06.2(B) / Hand-washing cleanser – availability.
    • Observed that the women’s restroom was out of order and was not properly stocked with soap and paper towels. MAINTAIN RESTROOMS IN GOOD REPAIR AND PROPERLY STOCKED TO ALLOW PROPER HYGIENE PRACTICES.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-03.5(C)(3) / Food labels – bulk food
    • Observed that the facility did not have its bulk ingredients properly labeled. Label all bulk ingredients to prevent any accidental misuse.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-04.5(A)(3) / Cleanliness of nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment.
    • Observed that the inside of the walk in freezer had ice build up and some tape/plastic build up. Dry clean the walk in freezer and remove the ice to prevent any damage to foods. Observed that the walk in cooler had a liquid sitting underneath the shelving. Clean the area around the shelving thoroughly and often to prevent debris build up which may cause damage to the foods in the cooler. Observed that the shelving in the reach in cooler had food debris caked on it. CLEAN SHELVING THOROUGHLY AND OFTEN TO PREVENT FOOD DEBRIS FROM FALLING INTO OPEN FOODS IN THE COOLER.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-05.4(P) / Maintaining refuse areas and enclosures.
    • Repeat Observed grease on the ground in the dumpster enclosure. The facility shall maintain the dumpster area clean to prevent any grease or debris from falling into the storm sewer.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-06.1(A) / Floors, walls, and ceilings.
    • Repeat Observed damaged floor and cove tiles underneath the rear hand washing sink. Repair to prevent any water from entering the walls and causing damage to the building. Observed that the corner junction next to the hand sink had been pulled off of the wall. Repair the corner molding to prevent any insects or moisture from entering the walls at the facility.

Comments: Prior to the inspection the health department received a complaint stating: “Individual purchased a banana milk shake at this Sonic. This milkshake was purchased on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019. After drinking the milkshake and the taste was off the individual opened the container and found that the bananas inside were black and disgusting. The individual states that this has occurred on previous visits to the store as well. This time the individual became ill with nausea and diarrhea the day after.”

Spoke with the manager at location about the condition of the bananas in the banana milkshake. The manager admitted that the bananas are cut in half and left on the shelf under the milkshake machine without any source of temperature control. during the inspection no bananas were noted so no violations were able to be written. The inspector spoke with the manager about moving some of the items around on the desert station to keep the fruits in a temperature control environment to prevent them from becoming damaged by the environment. The facility shall actively protect its foods to prevent any sources of bacteria growth or contamination.

Critical Control Points:
I. Employee Health – Person in charge is aware of the OAC requirements and has an employee health policy. Visible or known symptoms and/or diagnoses of illness are addressed according to OAC. Proper use of restriction and exclusion.
II. Good Hygienic Practices – Food employees eat, drink, and use tobacco only in designated area; do not use utensils more than once to taste food that is sold or served; no discharge from eyes, nose, and mouth.
III. Preventing Contamination by Hands – Adequate handwashing facilities supplied and accessible; hands clean and properly washed; no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. MAINTAIN ALL HAND WASHING SINKS IN GOOD REPAIR TO PROMOTE GOOD HYGIENIC PRACTICES.
IV. Demonstration of Knowledge – Person in Charge demonstrates knowledge by being certified in food protection, responding to food safety questions regarding the operation, or operation complies with the OAC.
V. Food from Approved Source – Food obtained from approved source; received at proper temperature; good condition, safe & unadulterated. Required records available for shellstock tags and/or parasite destruction.
VI. Time and Temperature Controlled for Safety Food – Facility uses proper cooking time and temperatures. Reheating procedures for hot holding; cooling time and temperatures; hot holding temperatures; cold holding temperatures; date marking and disposition. Time as public health control procedures and record.
VII. Protection from Contamination – Food is properly separated and protected. Food contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. OBSERVED AREAS THROUGHOUT THE FACILITY THAT WERE NOT MAINTAINED CLEAN. FACILITY SHALL CLEAN THOROUGHLY AND OFTEN TO PREVENT DEBRIS BUILD UP.
VIII. Consumer Advisory – provided for any raw or undercooked foods.
IX. Highly Susceptible Populations – Pasteurized foods used prohibited foods not offered.
X. Chemical – Food additives are approved and properly used. Toxic substances properly identified, stored, and used.
Conformance with Approved Procedures – Compliance with variance, specialized process, and HACCP plan.

We-Be-Wings, LLC, dba Rooster’s
23865 US Rte 23, Circleville
July 3 – 3 critical; 2 non-critical

This is a follow-up inspection: See the previous inspection here.

  • Critical: 3717-1-03.4(F)(1)(b) / Time/temperature controlled for safety food – cold holding.
    • Critical Repeat Observed diced tomatoes at 49 F, sauce souffle cups at 55 F, Lettuce at 52 F, and Gorgonzola at 50 F in the salad and dumpster fry prep coolers. MAINTAIN ALL COLD FOODS AT 41F OR BELOW TO PREVENT BACTERIA GROWTH. During the inspection temperature abused foods were discarded.
  • Critical: 3717-1-03.4(F)(1)(b) / Time/temperature controlled for safety food – cold holding.
    • Critical Observed dumpster sauce, ranch, and diced tomatoes in the sides/prep cooler across from the fryers were holding: 60, 64, and 48 respectively. During the inspection these items were discarded. FACILITY SHALL MAINTAIN ALL COLD ITEMS AT 41 F OR BELOW TO PREVENT TEMPERATURE ABUSE. Discussed using time as public health control or otherwise maintaining temperatures. Facility replaced the foods with deep pans on ice. Observed a container of garlic spread stored at room temperature despite stating keep refrigerated. Provide proof that the food is shelf stable or maintain it at the proper temperature of 41 F or below.
  • Critical: 3717-1-05.3(E) / Sewage and other liquid waste: Conveying sewage.
    • Critical Observed that the storm sewer near the dumpster pad was completely covered in a thick black layer of debris that was caked on. Facility shall ensure that its grease, food debris, and any grey water is being properly disposed of.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-04.4(A)(2) / Equipment components kept intact, tight, and adjusted
    • Observed that the prep cooler was frozen up at the facility. Maintain equipment in good repair to prevent it from causing temperature abuse to foods.
  • Non-critical: 3717-1-05.4(O) / Using drain plugs.
    • Observed some wet debris underneath one of the dumpsters. Contact dumpster company, all dumpsters shall have a proper drain plug to prevent any grey water from escaping and going into the nearby storm sewer.

Comments: Received complaint from the City of Circleville stating that the dumpsters are leaking into the storm drain. At the time of inspection it was observed that the facility does not have an outside grease dumpster as it has a grease system where the old grease is pulled into a tank outside the building and removed directly from the tank. The staff was adamant that they were not dumping anything down the storm sewer and there was only some staining around the dumpster pad, however there was a large amount of staining and debris on the sewer grate cover indicating that trash or grease was making it to the storm sewer. ROOSTERS MUST PROPERLY CLEAN THE STORM SEWER AND MAINTAIN THE AREA CLEAN AND FREE FROM ANY GREY WATER FROM THE DUMPSTERS. Contact the dumpster company to ensure drain plugs are inserted in all dumpsters. 

At the time of inspection a follow up was conducted for the cold holding temperatures in the prep coolers at the facility. There continues to be a cold holding problem for foods in these coolers as they were holding approximately 48-55F at the time of inspection. All cold foods must be maintained at 41F or below to prevent bacterial growth. As there have been repeated critical violations for the prep coolers at this facility the facility must work to correct these issues prior to the next inspection or it will enter the enforcement program. The inspector discussed different methods to help with temperature control including using iced pans, metal pans, or time as public health control. The cold holding issues must be corrected prior to re inspection.

EG Transpire – Circleville – Market C
30627 Orr Rd., Circleville
July 5 – 0 critical; 0 non-critical

Pre-Licensing Inspection

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