Local Dollar General closed as employees walk out

The Dollar General, located at 499 Long St., in Ashville, Ohio, is closed Tuesday evening after the store’s employees walked out. Frustrated with wages, long hours, and management, the employees decided that they had had enough.

According to sources, the store has had several walkouts and resignations forcing the store to close early over the last several days. Tuesday was no exception. The lack of employees left the store unable to operate and forcing a closure.

A neon handwritten sign on the front doors greets frustrated shoppers who are forced to take their business elsewhere. The sign says the store is closed for maintenance, but local Dollar General employees say otherwise.

Since publishing this story, various individuals have reported maintenance was the reasoning for the closure, but it is unclear what that means. Duct work has been reported as the reasoning as well as water issues.

The parking lot was empty between 6-7pm and knocks on the doors went unanswered.

Meanwhile, in neighboring South Bloomfield, large lines are forming at the Dollar General located off of US-23. Employees there echo the sentiment of their peers saying simply, “I don’t blame them for leaving.”

This is the second instance in which a Pickaway County business had employees walk out in 2019. The move mimics the Sonic walkout that gained national attention.

While the store reopened Wednesday, it is yet to be seen if the closures will happen again. We will have more on this developing story.

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