Three candidates vie for Mayor, council-at-large

Three candidates for mayor have qualified for the ballot for the Nov. 5, election, after the Board of Elections certified their petitions this week. A city council hopeful’s petition was denied.

Race for Mayor

Current Mayor Don McIlroy is seeking his third consecutive term as mayor. In 2015, McIllroy became the first mayor to be re-elected since Robert Hedges in 1955. He would be only the second mayor to win three terms, and the only person to win three consecutive terms should he win.

McIlroy defeated current Circleville councilman Tom Springs this May to win the Republican nomination. He won 65.5-percent to 34.5-percent over Spring.

Chuck Taylor is looking to reclaim the mayoral office after having previously served from 2008-2011. Taylor, who will be 85 when he takes office, will be running as an Independent as he did in 2007. He opted to not run for re-election in 2011.

Taylor made news when he served as mayor for being handcuffed and charged with misdemeanor misconduct in an emergency, at the scene of a fire in Sept. 2008. The charges were later dropped.

Political novice, Bradley Prickett has also made the ballot; he too will be running as an Independent. Prickett made his intentions known in Sept. 2018, that he would seek the office. An Army veteran, Prickett currently works at a union construction company. Prickett graduated with Honors Magna Cum Laude from Franklin University with a bachelors in Applied Management with emphases in Performance management.

Circleville Council race

20-year-old Zack Brooks failed to have his petition certified by the Board of Elections. Brooks was attempting to run for Council-at-large in which three candidates will be elected. According to sources, there were several flaws with his petition including several blank spaces and he failed to sign it.

Current council members in the at-large seat, Michelle Blanton, Katie Logan Hedges and Tom Klitzka, all of whom are Republicans advanced past the primary in May. Without a fourth candidate, all three are ensured to be re-elected.

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Update 7/13/2018 – Added Prickett’s education and that his job is at a union construction company.

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