Petition aims to remove one L from Chillicothe

In an ongoing battle between the City of Chillicothe and a parody page in which the city’s name is spelled with one “L” (Chilicothe), the parody page appears to be winning the social media war.

The City of Chilicothe, Ohio” Facebook page has gained 18,000 followers in 24 hours despite the actual City’s Mayor, Luke Feeney, issuing legal threats over the City’s social media account. Several media outlets have even been reporting on the mayor’s frustration with the “fake” page.

Now, a change.org petition has been started in which nearly 400 people have signed on to drop an “L” from the city’s name.

It seems as though the mayor’s pleas for outrage against the page have actually turned the parody page into a viral sensation that has reached people all over the United States.

We spoke with the administrators of the page yesterday and they spoke of their love for the city and why they do what they do.

Followers of the page frequently comment that the mayor should be using his “legal” resources on actual causes instead of fighting comedy.

It is yet to be seen what will come of the page, but it seems to be bringing lot of laughs… and frustration to the mayor.

Check out the petition here:


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