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Restaurant Inspections July 17-23 for Circleville and Pickaway County

Restaurant Inspections July 17-23 – The following Circleville and Pickaway restaurant inspections are for food establishments that were recently inspected by the Pickaway County General Health District. See the details below on the summary of restaurant inspections violations. View all restaurant inspections details at the Pickaway County General Health District website.

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Summary of restaurant inspections violations of Circleville and Pickaway restaurant establishments

  • July 17
    • Jersey Mike’s Circleville – 0 critical; 0 non-critical
  • July 23
    • We-Be-Wings, LLC, dba Rooster’s – 2 critical; 1 non-critical

Bambi’s Farm Market 
19417 S US Rte 23
July 17 – 0 critical; 0 non-critical

Standard Inspection

Comments:  No violations noted at the time of inspection. The refrigerator had a air temperature of 49, but per management it was recently stocked. Foods within were holding the required temperatures of 41F or below during the inspection.

We-Be-Wings, LLC, dba Rooster’s
23865 US Rte 23, Circleville
July 23 – 0 critical; 0 non-critical

Complaint Inspection

Comments: At the time of inspection the facility properly had its TCS foods from the salad cooler and middle cooler on ice and they were holding the required temperature of 41F or below. All foods requiring refrigeration shall be held at 41F or below to prevent any bacterial growth. The food items that were unable to be held at 41F or below such as souffle dressings and lettuce are being properly labeled with their prep time and discarded if they exceed 6 hours or 70 F. 

The facility intends to continue using time as public health control until it can devise a system capable of maintaining foods at required temperature. At this time the health department does not see any reason to use enforcement for the facility. However, the facility must correct the drain issue to prevent any debris coming from the dumpster drain to the storm sewer. The inspector provided copies of the previous report to the store manager as the emails have not been going through.

View past restaurant inspections here.

Restaurant Inspections July 17-23

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