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Restaurant Inspections July 30-31

Restaurant Inspections July 30-31 – The following Circleville and Pickaway restaurant inspections are for food establishments that were recently inspected by the Pickaway County General Health District. See the details below on the summary of restaurant inspections violations. View all restaurant inspections details at the Pickaway County General Health District website.

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Summary of restaurant inspections violations of Circleville and Pickaway restaurant establishments

  • July 30
    • Chipotle Mexican Grill #2913 – 1 critical; 1 non-critical
    • Logan Elm Marathon – 0 critical; 6 non-critical
  • July 31
    • Panda Express #2970 – 2 critical; 1 non-critical
    • Subway in Walmart – 3 critical; 3 non-critical

Chipotle Mexican Grill #2913
1469 S. Court St., Circleville
July 30 – 1 critical; 1 non-critical

Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection

Critical Violations

  • 3717-1-03.4(F)(1)(b) / Time/temperature controlled for safety food – cold holding.
    • Critical Corrected During Inspection Observed lime juice at the liquor station holding 71 F at the time of inspection. Per lime juice container, the food must be refrigerated. The facility shall; provide proof of shelf stability or maintain food at the proper temperature of 41 F or below. Facility discarded the product at the time of inspection. 

Non-critical Violations

  • 3717-1-04.8(A) / Equipment and utensils – air-drying required.
    • Observed several food pans that were not fully air dried prior to stacking.Allow sanitizer to fully air dry before stacking to prevent any food from contacting sanitizer directly.

Logan Elm Marathon
24539 US Rte 23, Circleville
July 30 – 0 critical; 6 non-critical

Standard Inspection

  • 3717-1-04.3(B) / Fixed equipment installation – spacing or sealing.
    • Observed that the restroom sink was pealing away from the wall. Caulk or otherwise seal the sink to the wall to prevent damage to the plumbing. Observed that the 3 compartment sink was not properly sealed to the wall. Bracket or otherwise seal sink to prevent damage to the plumbing.
  • 3717-1-04(I) / Nonfood-contact surfaces – materials.
    • Observed plywood board used for shelving in the walk in cooler. Stain, paint, or otherwise waterproof wood when it is kept in areas prone to moisture.
  • 3717-1-05.4(P) / Maintaining refuse areas and enclosures.
    • Observed some trash build up behind the dumpster. Clean to prevent attracting pests.
  • 3717-1-06.1(C) / Floor and wall junctures – coved, and enclosed or sealed.
    • Observed that floor and wall junction in the rear room under the 3 comp sink did not have any cove molding. Install cove molding to prevent any damage to the walls while mopping.
  • 3717-1-06.1(A) / Floors, walls, and ceilings.
    • Repeat Observed a browned ceiling tile above the mop sink in the rear of the facility. Replace or repaint to determine if there is a roof leak that needs to be repaired.
  • 3717-1-06.4(B) / Cleaning – frequency and restrictions.
    • Observed the area underneath the shelves has a large amount of dust build up. Clean underneath the shelving at a frequency necessary to prevent dirt build up.

Panda Express #2970
Sperry Dr, Circleville
July 31 – 0 critical; 0 non-critical

Standard Inspection

Subway in Walmart
1470 S Court St, Circleville
July 31 – 3 critical; 3 non-critical

Standard Inspection

Critical Violations

  • 3717-1-03.6(A) / Discarding/reconditioning unsafe, adulterated, or not honestly presented food
    • Critical Unsafe, adulterated or not honestly presented food not discarded or properly reconditioned. Unsafe food (milk and meatballs) were not discarded until the staff was informed of the violations. Then food was voluntarily discarded.
  • 3717-1-03.4(F)(1)(a) / Time/temperature controlled for safety food – hot holding.
    • Critical TCS foods not being hot held at the proper temperature. The meat balls and the marinara sauce were holding at 81 F. The food was voluntarily discarded.
  • 3717-1-03.4(F)(1)(b) / Time/temperature controlled for safety food – cold holding.
    • Critical TCS foods not being cold held at the proper temperature. The milk in the beverage cooler was holding at 52 F. The milk was voluntarily discarded.

Critical Violations

  • 3717-1-06.2(B) / Handwashing cleanser – availability.
    • No soap at handwashing sink(s). The sink in the prep area did not have hand soap. The dispenser was old and so the hand soap refills would not fit. Order a suitable replacement and stock it with bottles of hand soap until the dispenser is replaced.
  • 3717-1-04.1(L) / Ambient air and water temperature measuring devices – accuracy.
    • Ambient air and water thermometers are not accurate. The thermometer on the walk in cooler and in the beverage cooler were not accurate. Replace these thermometers with working ones.
  • 3717-1-03.2(M) / Wiping cloths – use limitation.
    • Improper use and/or maintenance of wiping cloths. Wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer buckets to prevent growth of organisms. 

View past restaurant inspections here.

Restaurant Inspections July 30-31

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