Several candidates off the ballot due to problematic petitions

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Boards of Education

Circleville BOE

  • Randall Winter, Circulator’s Statements not completed

Logan Elm BOE

  • Matt Kim, Circulator’s Statements not completed
  • Rachael N. Smith, Dated top portion of petition August 7, dates on signatures are prior, except one
  • Jason M. Snyder, Wrong petition


Circleville Township Trustee

  • Mindi Brown, Short Signatures, have=24 (needed 25) Incorrect #’s on Circulator’s Statement.

Harrison Township Fiscal Officer

  • Lindsay M. Mayse, Dated top portion of petition Aug 1, dates on signatures are prior to that date.

Madison Township Fiscal Officer

  • Nicole Bitler, Petition only has one page of page one and two pages of second page.

Monroe Township Fiscal Officer

  • Nicki Phillips, # on Circulator’s Statement blank (pp2)

Monroe Township Trustee

  • Chad Pine, Circulator statements not completed, all signatures dated before date signed.

Perry Township Trustee

  • James R. Peck, # on Circulator’s Statement blank

Saltcreek Township Trustee

  • Brian E. Moss, Short signatures (17, needed 25) due to date on top portion of part-petition #2


Commercial Point Council

  • Bob Cartwright, # on Circulator’s Statement blank
  • Nancy Geiger, Statement of Candidacy not dated or signed, Circulator’s Statement not completed.

Darbyville Council

  • Joyce Ann Leffel, # on Circulator’s Statement blank

South Bloomfield Mayor

  • Matthew V. Pettibone, # on Circulator’s Statement blank
  • Jeff Pluta, Filled out top portion of petition in front ofclerk and dated it July 31, signature dates are prior.

Tarlton Mayor

  • Albert Gardner, Doesn’t live in the Village of Tarlton is a registered voter in Fairfield Co.


Village of New Holland

  • Renewal, 1 mill, Cemetery – Resolution to proceed to ballot has November 5, 2016 as election date.
  • Renewal, 1 mill (?), Current Operating Expenses – Resolution to proceed to ballot lists millage as 0.7 and 1
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