Circleville Sofidel plant featured in international story

Tissue 360’s article on Circleville Sofidel plant. CLICK HERE TO READ.

CIRCLEVILLE – A new article published by a toilet paper industry news source tells us 1 important thing about the Circleville Sofidel plant. Not only is the plant significant to Sofidel, or to Circleville, it’s significant to the entire toilet paper industry and to anyone who manufactures throughout the world.

And when you read what the CEO is saying about his experience at Circleville, you’ll come to realize that Sofidel is a huge advertisement to other manufacturers to locate in Circleville. Because of Sofidel, and their experience opening in this area, we can expect more companies to locate here in the future.

This piece tells you everything you would ever want to know about Sofidel and the Circleville plant, including history, why Circleville was chosen, and output capacity. You can tell it’s written by a toilet paper industry nerd. It’s full of information. What you come to realize from the article is that the Circleville Sofidel plant is special, from Sofidel’s perspective and from a world perspective. It is one of the largest and most advanced toilet paper factories in the world.

There are so many gems in this article, you should read the whole thing, but here are just a couple noteworthy snippets.

“The plant is Sofidel’s largest integrated facility, covering 1.8 million ft2 and stretching a mile long. It is also its most technically advanced.”

“Eventually, the mill will employ 700 people. The first 300 came from varying backgrounds, most with no pulp and paper experience. However, there were industries in the area, some of which had closed, so Sofidel was able to hire people with what it calls an ‘industrial mentality.’”

“Originally slated to house one tissue machine, in 2016 Lazzareschi surprised delegates at RISI’s North American forest products outlook conference in San Diego when he announced the purchase of a second Valmet Advantage NTT200 HS tissue machine for Circleville.”

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